Together with Ole John Aandal, I have been responsible for KORO Public Art Norway’s art projects at the new Technology building at  UiT – The Arctic University,  in Tromsø.  Fabulous new artworks by Lutz-Rainer Müller + Stian Ådlandsvik (Dis-position),Unni Gjertsen (Dakar – Tromsø),  Espen Sommer Eide (Material Vision – Silent Reading) and Andreas Siqueland (Big Green Wave).

All projects including extensive research journeys by Espen and Unni to Bjørnøya and Dakar has been realized for this building.

The catalogue is designed by Ulf Werner Carlsson and includes text about the artworks by Beathe C. Rønning.



The catalogue is available for free from
It can also be downloaded as a pdf here or from  KORO’s website.