The interior of the gallery 3,14 in bergen is studied and revealed in a time-lapse video that during the exhibition Skyvelære was on display inside the small, antique elevator of the gallery. Resonating with its materiality, the 27 inch lcd screen in 16:10 format was stripped bare of its plastic casing. A naked screen with a narrow steel frame displayed the gallery room in a slow movement that panned on both the vertical and horizontal axis during shifting conditions of light in a circular loop.


The automated camera movements echoes the time-lapse Skyvelære #1, where the camera was mounted on a solar tracker and thus following the rotation of the sun. The same procedure is repeated here, inside the gallery. However, the flow of images is smoother as all changes in light and inclination progress evenly without any disruptions breaking the appearance of continuity.

The film traces the path of the sun during 24 hours reduced to 3:38 minutes.