• solo exhibition at 3,14, gallery of contemporary art in Bergen. The exhibition was presented as the final artistic result of my three year long fellowship project Processing Change at Bergen National Academy of Arts. Reflecting upon the nature of understanding, I had considered devices and procedures that are used in video art and in the natural sciences through exploring various relationships involved in creating representations: field trips, gestures, storytelling, gathering or capturing of data, measuring and calibrating. The exhibition contained a set of artworks that represented and concluded my artistic research from different perspectives, forming contextual relationships as a synergetic system where the meaning of one work could change in the light of another. The video projections, the space of the gallery itself and the various sculptural and visual elements interacted and offered alternating experiences of time as the viewer moved around. Sound was distributed in the space of the exhibition in such a way that it constitutes an ambient auditory landscape that will appear differently according to the position of the viewer. The poetic and aesthetic qualities of the exhibition where crucial. While each part represented and concluded my artistic research as seen from different perspectives, I invested both specificity and ambiguity in the various elements to keep them open for experience as well as interpretation. The exhibition is described and discussed in the written critical reflection Skyvelære.


Composed of the words sliding and knowing, the Norwegian term Skyvelære means caliper, a device for measuring distance.