• Work developed as part of an installation,  Les Conseils, at This must be the place: Pick me up and turn me round, group exhibition at Kino Kino Centre for Art and Film, Sandnes. The exhibition constituted the artistic output of the research project Re:place. Relationships between place, time and memory were investigated in terms of how place is constituted, reconfigured, deconstructed, augmented, discussed, described, experienced—through a variety of signifying practices.
  • This collaborative work by me and Signe Lidén reflected on the genesis and geography of CERN through an installation based on media gathered at CERN, where we contemplated in the archives and explored the site while capturing sound and images.
  • A personal slide collection donated to the archive by the widow of Kjell Johnson, a norwegian central to the construction of the first proton collider at CERN, eventually served as the most tangible material in our research. The slides offered insight in the cautious political optimism and sense of innovation in a post war period. A variety of interesting agendas appeared through the many sheets of dusty slides, showing the landscape, its transformation into a site, parts of huge and innovative custom made machinery, and people operating devices ranging from cranes to soldering tools. Using a microfilm projector, contact microphones and a videocamera, Lidén and I created new layers of movement that counter-pointed the rapid and cyclical rotation of the CERN accellerators and treated this history of science as a form of landscape.


More documentation at Signe’s website here.